Providing Solutions…

Many residents of Camden, NJ are faced with a multi-faceted problem that is best understood as a situation in which individuals do not have the necessary opportunities, education, training or basic physical health to obtain a means of satisfying their most basic needs on an ongoing basis. Needs such as healthy food choices, decent living conditions and clothing.  Lack in these areas often are contributors to the decline of communities that are spread throughout our nation.
It is our belief that the fight against this challenge must consist of programs that will allow those that are disadvantaged access to assistance in what we have defined as the 8 points of need.  By supporting individuals and families in these 8 areas they will become more creative, productive and independent.

We find it of the utmost importance that focus be given to the empowerment of the disadvantaged in order to obtain a sustainable solution to address the blight that plagues our community.  It is only when one is stable in all of the 8 points of need that they can truly comfortably provide for themselves as well as their families.

Empowering the disadvantaged involves providing access to the 8 points of need in order for them to become more involved and in control of every aspect of their lives.