New Life Community Development Corporation

Our Mission:


The Mission of New Life Community Development Corporation is to provide financial and literacy skills, career awareness and assistance, cultural opportunities, food and shelter to those who are socially and economically disadvantaged in Camden County and surrounding areas. We will assess resident needs, educate, enable, and empower residents in order to build strong communities, neighborhoods, and lives one family at a time.


Our Mission

From the very start of the ministry, New Life has been committed to providing residents of Camden, NJ with some of their most fundamental needs. That includes but is not limited to food, clothing, shelter, education, training and employment, transportation, health and financial management. We are moving into affordable housing as an expression of our faith in Jesus Christ. We are both tremendously blessed and amazed as the community, businesses and volunteers walk with us to be light and salt in our neighborhoods by extending mercy and caring to those in need. We believe that actions like this help to reflect the love of Christ to the community that we serve.

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Our Impact

We truly have only just begun.  Even though we have helped countless individuals and families in the Camden, NJ area we are still looking to stretch out our arms and uplift those in need within our community. We have also partnered with the City of Camden in helping those in need of assistance.  Here are just a few numbers showing our impact.  With your help we can do even more to reach those who need help in restoring hope within their lives.



Training and employment

We have trained over 250 people through various employment and trade apprenticeship programs.  We've also helped families with credit repair, financial literacy and financial stewardship.



Years Serving communities

We've facilitated GED classes as well as well as served families by providing afterschool programs, recreation programs and tutoring programs.  In this area, we've also helped residents with transportation for job interviews, groceries and medical appointments.



Thousand families Impacted

Since our inception we have provided food and clothing to over 8000 families and individuals.  We have also paid utility bills and rent as well as security deposits for countless residents. We have also renovated over 60 homes within the Whitman Park Neighborhood. In addition. we have also conducted health fairs and substance abuse treatment for a larger cross section of residents.  We've even acted as a shelter for those in need during the winter months.


The 8 Points of Need

The programs developed under the New Life Community Development Corporation are guided by our mission to minister to the whole of mankind under the “8 Points of Need”.  Each of these 8 points represent areas in our community and surrounding communities that can be developed to empower residents to  feel more connected to their communities and learn more about themselves in the process.



Statistics show that 1 in 8 people struggle with hunger in the United States. That's appoximately 41 million people with nearly 13 million of those being children and more than 5 million being seniors. We help to feed the hungry in our community.


In response to increasing numbers of homeless families in Camden and the need for a comprehensive approach, we sought after a systemic method to combat poverty and homelessness among families through implementing neighborhood revitalization programs as well as providing shelter during harsh winter periods.


We offer training and apprenticeship programs to help prepare individuals to become a productive part of the workforce.  We believe that education, training and helping people to obtain gainful employment is at the heart of revitalizing the community.



Many Camden residents lack access to reliable transportation for job interviews, medical appointments and even trips to the grocery store so they rely upon a less nutritious selection of food offered at neighborhood convenience stores.  We also assist our community by providing much needed transportation.


We provide clothing to community members who are in need due to financial distress from loss of income, loss of a home through natural disaster, or other circumstances.  We also endeavor to help families who are meeting the needs of children who have been removed from their home as a protective measure. 


Education provides one with the knowledge of the world around us and leverages that information for the betterment of an individual and the society in which they live. It also enhances ones perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view.  We provide education that fuels knowledge for one's vocation, physical and mental health as well as their spirit.


We offer free budget and debt counseling as well as money management skills. We take the time to help individuals to thoroughly understand their situation and assist individuals in resolving their financial concerns.


We fund substance abuse treatment for residents of our community as well as conduct Health Fairs impacting at least 1000 community residents. 


October 2010

We must strive to become more effective in creating a positive impact within the community that we serve and relieving the many pains of so many of Camden's residents.

Elder Ronald Green, Founder NLCDC



People Helping People

Volunteers are needed. 

You can make a difference.


It all started when…

It all began when the founder of the New Life Community Development Corporation; the late Ronald Green, felt a strong need to have more of an impact on improving the plight  of so many disadvantaged residents of Camden.  His vision was to rally an army of volunteers from all walks of life and fields of industry to simply do one thing.  To help others in need. 

In keeping with the words of  Jesus; the most compassionate man in the entire world . . .

..."Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" 
Matthew 25:40 ( paraphrased)    
Ronald Green took heed to these simple words and supported them with action.  We are now calling you to action and challenging you to lend a hand.  We need financial support as well as volunteers to help in our many outreach programs.  
Decide where you can best help and begin the process of transforming the lives of people in need today.

Get Involved

There are several ways that you can get involved to help those in need. We are continually seeking various sources to help fund our efforts to relieve the blight of those less privileged living in Camden, NJ.  It's time to roll up our sleeves and make a solid decision to make a difference TODAY! 

Please consider in which way you would like to help and join us in making the lives of Camden's residents better one family at a time.


Sign Up For a Program

We have several programs to help those in need.  Contact us and let's see how we can best help you.  

It all can begin for you by clicking below.

Volunteer opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available.  If you are a skilled tradesmen, willing to be a laborer and lend a helping hand or perhaps just helping those in need please contact us.

Make a Donation

We need the help of individuals as we as businesses both on our community as well as afar to assist us in helping those in need.  Please consider how much you can give and help to change a life today.

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