Our Impact

Food: According to statistics, 12.6% of Camden City's polulation lives in a "food insecure" household. These statistics include our most vulnerable residents - children and the elderly. Elderly resident often have to make a decision whether to purchase food or medications that they need. Through our "Helping Hands" food distribution program, we service residents who are unable to purchase food, or who have run out of food, are able to come and receive a meal package based on their family size. We partner with the SJ Food Bank monthly to accommodate families in need.

Shelter: The rate of homelessness in Camden County has risen in recent  years. In an effort to assist the City of Camden with this increase, New Life participates in the "Code Blue" Initiative to provide shelter to homeless residents. During the winter months, homeless residents have a warm place to sleep and also receive a hot meal.

We have also partned with the City of Camden and United Neighbors of Whitman Park to revitalize the Whitman park area of the city. Through this effort, homes in the Whitman Park neighborhood will be rehabilitated and sold to city residents, allowing them to experience home ownership.