Our  Mission

Our mission is plain and simple and that is changing  lives by focusing on the eight points of need within the life of an individual.  Camden is a very small city that is plagued with poverty negtively impacting the lives of its citizens.  Our goal is to help ease the pain caused by this economic blight by providing assistance with clean, safe housing.  Food assistance for the hungry and homeless.  Job rediness skills as well as transportation assistance among other areas of what most would consider the basic which are so often taken for granted but for many of the citizens of Camden are a true privilege. 


An example of what we do

The following photographs represent a typical kitchen in many of the homes that we seek to renovate in order to help provide clean, safe, affordable housing.  With the assistance we receive from volunteers, partners in the community and grants we are able to make the dreams of some of Camden's citizens become a reality.

Kitchen Before-1.JPG


The In many cases homes are abandoned and left in absolute shambles only to deteriorate more if the homes are not secured, renovated and occupied.

Kitchen After-1.JPG


All new cabinets and appliances as well as repairs to the structure of this home yields a beautiful transformation.